Stroudwater Neighborhood Association

The Stroudwater Neighborhood Association is a Maine Non-Profit Corporation. All residents of Stroudwater are members and invited to participate in all of our activities.

Mission statement:

The Stroudwater Neighborhood Association is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the historic and village nature of the Stroudwater neighborhood by celebrating its historic buildings and natural treasures and maintaining its residential nature, where children play and people walk safely in its streets.

Neighborhood boundaries:

The Stroudwater neighborhood is bounded by the railroad tracks that cross Congress Street just west of the Westgate Plaza, the Westbrook border and the South Portland border.

Major Activities:
The Stroudwater Neighborhood Association's activities flow directly from our mission of preserving the integrity of the village; its historic past as well as its current use. We do this through research, advocacy and collaboration with other institutions in the area. We monitor land use, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, new and old buildings, water and air quality. We work to improve the Stroudwater River environment so it can be a year round source of recreation. We advocate for safety on our streets for all, but particularly our children and elderly as well as bicyclists and those in motor vehicles, primarily via improvements to outer Congress Street and Westbrook Street. We have focused on sidewalks where none existed, cross walks for safety and speed enforcement as our roads are seen as a major throughway. In addition, research and gathering of historic material and stories is a major function of the SVA.

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