Hobart Street Wildlife Sanctuary

The purpose / mission of the HSWSLBNA is to:

1. Proactively preserve the Wildlife Sanctuary neighborhood.

2. Proactively protect the neighborhood property in the Land Bank from development pursuant to the City Ordinances.

3. Monitor water access activities by communicating directly with the Portland International Airport, local government and the State Bureau of Parks & Lands.

4. Monitor land use in our neighborhood and its effect on our quality of life, i.e. Portland Trails.

5. Advocate for safety with regarding to traffic issues.

6. Proactively response to issues that affect the neighborhood.

7. Establish communication with the Portland Water District regarding traffic, dumping and security issues (especially since 9/11).

8. Neighborhood watch.

9. Proactively “dump site” prevention.

10. Liaison with the City of Portland.

11. Liaison with Waynflete School.

12. Monitor the delivery of City services.

13. Establish mutual protection and safety by maintaining communication with our local law enforcement agencies.

14. Keep neighborhood informed of vital issues affecting the neighborhood.

Neighborhood boundaries:

HSWSLBNA includes Hobart Street, Westland Avenue, Caribou Street, Osgood Street, corner of Congress and Hobart Street, Fenway Street.

• Why we decided on “Sanctuary”: (1) the reference is made on numerous City signs and publications, (2) the abundance of wildlife and a variety of birds that are seen here, (3) a substantial parcel is in the City’s Land Bank for preservation, (4) Sanctuary is define as “a sacred place” and our neighborhood qualifies. (R 12/5/10)

  1. The City of Portland provides space on its website for neighborhood associations to post current events. Neighborhood Associations are created and controlled by their members, not by the City. The City does not verify and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the information that they post on the City’s website. The City of Portland reserves the right to remove posted information at any time.